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zeos informatics GmbH

zeos informatics GmbH is an IT consulting and software company. It was founded following an extensive J2EE project which was launched in 1999, in the course of which, among other things, a flexible J2EE framework for highly dynamic and scalable J2EE applications and web services was developed. In 2003, different independent consultants and long-standing Oracle employees which all played a leading role in the project founded the zeos informatics GmbH headquartered in Munich.

Objective: The drastic reduction of the time and costs of application development in a business environment.


The employees of zeos informatics GmbH are an experienced team which has been working together in varying line-ups for more than ten years, designing informatics solutions for different industries. While in the 90s the focus was mainly on server software in C/C++, with the first Java projects starting 1996 and with the increasing spread of this technology in business critical projects the focus shifted more and more toward Java. So the staff of zeos informatics GmbH today possesses many years of experience in Java technology.


The most important paradigm in informatics is also one of the core competences of zeos informatics GmbH: Optimization. With the zen Platform as core product, the customer is given a platform which allows him to thoroughly optimize the design, development, maintenance and support of applications of any complexity on many levels. And the experts of zeos informatics GmbH put their many years of project experience and competence into the realization of customer projects - also independent of the zen Platform.

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