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Working with zeos informatics means above all: making a commitment, being open, innovative and independent, and willing to make creative use of one's freedom.

We are sorry that momentarily we have no vacancies at zeos informatics. However, since our industry is characterized by rapid and continuous change, the situation may change at short notice.

For individual projects we are continually looking for free-lancers who can flexibly support us with our customer projects.

If you are experienced in distributed applications and if your expertise matches our core competencies we look forward to hearing from you. Please send your application to:

E-Mail: jobs@zeosde

or by mail to:

zeos informatics GmbH


Hofmairstr. 16

D-82327 Tutzing

If you have any further questions, Mr. Stubenrauch will be glad to answer them. Please call +49 89-65114244.

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