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zen Platform 2 of zeos informatics increases Java development productivity

Munich, 07.07.2004

zeos informatics announces the availability of the zen Platform 2. The new release integrates the zen Developer, a visual development environment for rapid prototyping and rapid application development (RAD). The major enhancements to the new release make application development for Java and J2EE solutions remarkably easier and faster. For evaluation the zen Platform 2 is available for download free of charge at www.zeos-informatics.com.

The zen Platform eases the development of Java and J2EE applications by sophisticated visual methods. Complete applications are modelled in an intuitive fashion using business processes (workflow) and business rules without the need for technical expertise. By this means the zen Platform tremendously hides Java and J2EE complexities - reducing the learning curve for Java novices while accelerating development for the whole team.

The zen Platform promises transparent scalability from a single system based on a servlet engine to a cluster of application servers - without having to modify the business logic. The flexibility thus gained enables any developer to create applications braced for the future. They can scale on demand and are prepared for unexpectedly increased load requirements.

The zen Platform supports the development of Java applications with web front-ends as well as web services and applications with other interfaces. When attaching to web services or legacy systems using XML the zen Platform can integrate their data directly by its native XML processing capabilities. Each application is inherently designed for multi-language applications - the system supports localized static and dynamic texts, domains and on demand generated labelled buttons and images.

A multi level validation has been added to the input layer which is to guarantee data consistency of any kind. A different output format can be defined for any request to the zen Platform, even dynamically. XML, HTML, TEXT, WML(WAP) and PDF are directly supported. The application's business logic can be linked with the data model and workflow model. Changed application models can be updated during runtime without the need for the server to shutdown.

According to zeos informatics, the zen Platform cuts down development duration and costs by up to 80% as a result of its integrated rapid prototyping and rapid application development capabilities. Costs for initial skill adaptation, training and customization decrease correspondingly.

For more information about the zen Platform, visit www.zeos.de/products/zen.

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