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Button Render System

With the Button Render System zeos informatics offers a system for automatically adapting and copying images.

Automated Generation of Buttons

Any image you like will serve as an original. A template is created only once on the basis of the image, and all variants of the image will subsequently be generated by the Button Render System. Online business is an ideal field of application, e.g. for static websites, portals, dynamic content management systems (CMS), web applications, eCommerce or eBusiness. In almost every case nearly identical images are used, which only differ with respect to labelling or colour. Moreover the system can also be used to support the development of desktop applications.

The Button Render System is also the right choice in conjunction with the zen Platform and its optimal support of multi-language applications.

Fields of Application

  • Multilingualism: All language-specific images and buttons must be available in every language used.
  • Integration: If your web application will be integrated into a partner website (especially B2B), the application will have to be adapted to this website's design. This concerns the colours of images and buttons as well as the fonts.
  • Personalized colour patterns: If a user can be clearly identified, e.g. after logging into a portal, he is often given the possibility to change the portal colours to his own liking. This of course also impacts the images and buttons.

If several of those needs arise simultaneously, the number of basically identical images needed multiplies. One and the same image with 10 different labels, in 10 different colours and 3 languages, this easily adds up to 300 images which usually have to be created individually!

The Button Render System supports you whatever your case is, both statically and dynamically: You can have the necessary images generated statically and then use them as individual images, or you can integrate the Button Render System dynamically into your applications and generate the images during runtime.

If you are interested or have any further questions please contact: info@zeosde.

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