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Button Render System: Technology

The Button Render System supports both the dynamic generation of individual images during runtime as well as the static pre-generation of several images at a time. It is made up of two parts:

  • Button Render Studio: You use this desktop application to create different image templates on the basis of original images. Here is were you also start the static generation of images on the basis of image templates.
  • Button Render Servlet: This Java servlet effects the dynamic generation of images on the basis of the image templates.

Generation Variants

  • The static pre-generation can be of interest e.g. for static websites or desktop applications: You specify the individual data in the Button Render Studio and then generate the necessary images at a touch of a button. The static process is entirely independent of web technologies.
  • The dynamic generation using a Java servlet is ideal if you are dealing with portals, web applications or dynamic content management systems. These do by no means have to be based on Java technologies themselves. In these cases, the output is not created until dynamically requested (by http), because the data for the generation of the individual images and buttons might not be known until the pages in questions are being opened.

3 Steps to the Generated Image

Whether the image generation is static or dynamic: You first create a template on the basis of an original using the Button Render Studio. There you define among other things the basic colour of the original image. If you are working with labelled buttons, you also specify the maximum area of the image which can be used for text. Moreover, you set further basic parameters such as the optional output in multiple lines. The generated template is then saved in a template file.

Static Generation

For static image generation you then specify all necessary data of the individual images, such as colour or text. Then you start the process directly in the Button Render Studio. The finished buttons are all generated at the same time and stored on the hard disk.

Dynamic Generation

The dynamic generation of images takes place during runtime. The necessary data are transmitted only after the servlet has been started, the image is generated dynamically and the result can be directly integrated into websites.

System Requirements

Both the Button Render Studio and the servlet require a Java Development Kit 1.4.x.

If we have awakened your interest or if you would like to find out more about possible applications in your business environment, please contact: info@zeosde.

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