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Flexible Solutions

zeos informatics provides various products and solutions to optimize your business processes.

zen Platform

Screenshot: zen Developer

zen Developer

The zen Platform is the solution for the development of server-based Java applications. These are graphically modelled, maintained and extended. The zen Platform helps to easily overcome the complexity of the J2EE specification (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), considerably reducing maintenance and administration costs.

The integrated rapid prototyping and rapid application development (RAD) substantially shortens the development times of your projects by up to 80%. And the transparent scalability reaching from the stand-alone web container to a cluster of application servers safeguards the future of any application.

Simple applications with browser front-end or highly dynamic business critical applications with web services: the zen Platform is the flexible company-wide solution for all your projects. » more

zen Server

Screenshot: Serverrack

Pre-configured Hardware

Want to profit from the advantages of the zen Platform, but don't have any available resources for the configuration and administration of the J2EE installation? With our zen Server we provide you with specifically configured Linux servers that allow you to get started without delay. Maintenance service is optional. » more

Button Render System

Screenshot: brs examples

Automatic button generation

Your website is multilingual or your web applications are created dynamically to accommodate individual users? Therefore you need a large number of buttons or images with different colours and labels?

Consider the Button Render System. You provide the image, the labels and colours are rendered from any data source you specify and automatically pasted on the image. The system supports multiline format and the chromaticity of the image is adapted automatically, providing you with more flexibility and reducing costs. » more

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For Any Business

Data integration, eCommerce or information systems have different core functions. Does that mean that you need different tools to develop them? We do not think so. » more

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