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zen Server

The zen Platform is the ideal development environment for your applications. The zen Server is the best system for the deployment of the zen Platform. Using the two in combination you have an extremely stable and secure platform for any kind of application.

Flexible Decisions

The development of applications on the basis of the zen Platform makes no specific demands on the underlying software and hardware of the development system. Even if you know at the time a business critical application is developed that it will run on one or several application servers, the development can be carried out directly on the zen Developer without an application server. Before launching the deployment phase however, you will have to consider the necessary live systems on which the applications will be used later. This decision is of course primarily influenced by the load conditions the application will be subject to, and the failure safety requirements.


With our zen Server we offer you Linux servers with the best possible configuration which are ready to be used immediately after you have uploaded your application. The hardware will be carefully chosen and adapted according to the technical specifications provided by you. The zen Servers will be equipped with the necessary servlet engines, application servers and databases you require. The installed software will be fully pre-configured according to your requirements. We are also happy to provide support during live operation.

If you are interested in our services or have any further questions please contact: info@zeosde.

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