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Benefit: Comprehensive Services

Every application needs standard services for access to its resources. However, the specifications of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) do not necessarily require the availability of every kind of service in every type of container. Also, many necessary services such as logging, managed messages or transparent access to resources are missing completely. The zen Platform provides these missing services and facilitates access to all services with a single user-friendly service API.

Standard Services

On the zen Platform the individual services are available regardless of the respective runtime environment of an application. It does not matter whether an application, in the course of a transparent scaling process, runs in a servlet environment or in a cluster of application servers: Access to the services is always granted by the same service API providing all standard services of the J2EE specification:

  • Connection: Access to databases (JDBC).
  • Messaging: Sending messages (JMS).
  • Transaction: Direct access to transactions (JTA).
  • Mail: Sending mails (JavaMail).

Extension of J2EE Services

Since the standard services of the J2EE specification only cover a small range of services necessary in the development of server-based applications, the zen Platform offers some additional extensions to fill this gap.

  • Logging: Access to logging systems.
  • JDO: Object-oriented access to data bases with Java Data Objects.
  • ManagedMessaging: Dispatch of messages, the processing state of which can be queried any time
  • SessionManagement: Access to the current session, including in distributed systems.
  • ResourceRepository: Access to all kinds of resources and access to files even when running in an application server.

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