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Benefit: Localized Resources

Most applications use a multitude of resources which are often defined in a distributed fashion, such as texts, labelled images or URLs. Often resources are needed in which certain parts will be dynamically replaced. Moreover, multilingual design of an application is often essential. All this adds the dimension of sorting or country-specific labelling. Mostly these resources are to be found in the program code of the application or swapped out into a large number of different files. The localized access to these resources must be implemented manually, which implies susceptibility to errors, reduced flexibility and functionality. The zen Platform provides integrated solutions for all kinds of application of localized resources.

Integrated Multi Language Support

Any application developed on the basis of the zen Platform basically supports multiple languages. The zen Platform manages all resources centrally in a repository. The different resources are automatically supplied in the respective language and output. The following resources are directly supported:

  • Labels: Descriptors of elements, error messages, flow text, URLs or similar resources are defined language-specifically during the development and automatically supplied by the zen Platform.
  • Domains: Domains, such as country lists or other listings or ranges of values are also rendered by the zen Platform in the correct language and sequence.
  • Dynamic Labels: Labels can be linked to the data structure of an application during modelling. At runtime, the linked data is automatically embedded in the dynamic label (e.g. label "There are X products in your shopping cart", with X being linked with the number of products).
  • Dynamic Buttons: If the Button Render System is used concurrently with the zen Platform, additional buttons or images can be created which can be localized.

All resources are completely separate from the application logic and are jointly managed in a repository. This centralized storage even allows applications to be translated outside your offices, independent of the development. Each translation is simply entered into the centralized repository as a new language. The application itself can be immediately executed in the new language.

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