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Benefit: Expansion Capability and Flexibility

It should be a matter of course that modern applications adapt to changing business processes and technical conditions, and not the other way round. Yet often quite the reverse is true, because many applications are not sufficiently flexible.

Model-Based Applications

The zen Platform's model-based approach makes applications highly flexible and dynamic because they are not hardwired like customary software. The entire application is modelled in the zen Developer and then stored in a repository. After modelling the workflow and the data structure, the specialized business logic is linked with both. The loose linkage allows modifications in the application model to be performed with a simple click of the mouse upon which they can immediately be deployed.

Flexible Platform

The zen Platform itself is not just an inflexible server software, either, but can be extended on different levels and adapted to specific needs. For example, on a technical level you can modify requests centrally prior to being processed by the business logic, you can integrate your own service adapters or include entirely new output types beside the existing ones.

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Benefits of the zen Platform

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