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Coaching and Training

zeos informatics offers a variety of training courses to turn your employees into IT professionals and experts in specific technologies. All courses are held by senior IT experts. Take advantage of the experience our employees gain every day on the job with our customers and partners.

Coaching on the Job

We support you in the development of your projects on your premises. Regardless of the project setup and the available development platforms we lead your project teams to success with individualized coaching for the entire duration of the project. The participants are quickly introduced to new technologies and enabled to deepen their knowledge. The contents are exactly tailored to the participants' needs. Of course we flexibly take into account the availability of your employees and suit the coaching schedule to your daily business.

For an individual offer please contact service@zeosde.


We offer different standard courses from our portfolio which can be adapted to your needs. Since our employees deal with these technologies in different projects on a daily basis, the content of the courses is continuously adapted to the most recent developments:

zen Platform

  • zen Platform - workshop: Which individual opportunities arise from a development on the basis of the zen Platform?
  • zen Platform - intro: Development of applications on the basis of the zen Platform.
  • zen Platform - intensive: Design, development and maintenance of business critical applications on the basis of the zen Platform.

Linux and Networks

  • Linux for decision-makers: Hype or hope? Which studies can you trust? Is is sensible to use Linux in my company?
  • Linux for beginners: An introduction into the handling of Linux.
  • Linux in heterogeneous networks: Integration of Linux servers into existing company networks. Secure configuration and administration of server services.
  • Sicherheit on the Internet: Sensitization for security issues in the use of mail and the WWW. Which precautions can you take?
  • Firewalls: Introduction course for administrators in securing company networks.

Java and XML

  • Basics of Java programming: From data types and expressions to object orientation and Java applications.
  • Web components with Java servlets/JSP: Introduction into the development of internet applications on the basis of servlets and JSPs
  • Development of distributed Java applications: From servlet to JNDI to Enterprise Beans.
  • Basics of XML, XSL and Schema

If you wish to register for a course or if you have any questions please contact service@zeosde.

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